USS Boner NCC-2010

USS JH Boner NCC-2010

Captain Notpatrick Stewart

Crew: 480

Top Speed: Warp 8.5

Decks: 12


Three Torpedo Pods

Eight Phaser Arrays


8 thoughts on “USS Boner NCC-2010

    1. Lt. Commander Frantz Post author

      That would be totally awesome. I want to shoot fan films for the Boner. Let’s work something out.

  1. Tom Goodman

    I wonder if you could clarify where it is on the Boner your troop records the podcast. Often it is obvious you are enjoying an evening in “10 Forward” or the equivalent on the Boner. It seems libations flow handsomely on the Boner when the crew are off duty. Other times the stage seems quiet except for some utterance from a doglike being, and one that sounds much like a human baby. I find I am fixated on the background sounds at times. When I am not laughing uproariously.
    I had a thought too that I think you could do great justice to. Remember that 20th Century song “In the Navy” by the Village People. I know you could come up with a couple of funny lyrics for a song entitled, “On The Boner”!!!

    1. Lt Cmdr Black-and-Asian

      Actually most episodes have been recorded in LCDR Frantz’s quarters, which explains the canine and young Earth child noises that occasionally can be heard…other times we record at 10 Forward on the USS Wild Wing Cafe in Chesapeake, VA, on Wednesdays after trivia…

      I like the “On the Boner” idea…we’ll have to get the crazy kid-touching old man from Aldea to work on that for us…

  2. Tom Goodman

    I remember as a man in his early 30’s, with a few kids under my belt and more on the way, just deciding as much as I loved Star Trek I could not watch any more of the program because I simply hated Wesley so very much. He turned me off Star Trek for years. I probably have seen the bulk of the show in the years after it was cancelled. I wonder if other fans of your show felt the same way.

    1. Lt Cmdr Black-and-Asian

      Haha, yeah he was a shitty character…he sucked less as the seasons went on but I never missed him when he went to Starfleet Academy…


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