Episode 242: DS9 The Jem’Hadar

On this weeks episode of Dork trek, we celebrate six years of recording excellence as we review the Season 2 finale of Deep Space Nine.

This week’s episode is entitled “the Jem’Hadar.”Sisko, Jake, Nog, and Quark go camping on a Gamma Quadrant world, but are captured by mysterious soldiers called the Jem Hadar and meet a force, the Dominion, to rival the Federation.

DS9: A Man Alone

Okay! DS9 is rolling along. Well, I guess that would be an overstatement considering this is the second episode we have reviewed. Be that as it may, I love this show. My only gripe would be Keiko.

imgresThe writers/producers could have attempted to fix the broken relationship between her and the Trek fans that view her as a major pain in the butt.  But no! Her first appearance on screen she is yelling at O’brien. HA! Sucks for him! Anyway, give the episode a listen and feel free to rate the show on Itunes. Thanks!

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Enter Deep Space Nine!

Today marks an exciting event in the history of the pod! A date that will be remembered by Trek fans from now until the end of linear time! Today is the first release of Deep Space Nine! The pod runs a little long but there was a lot to cover. New characters, races, religions and of course a worm hole. We had a wonderful time recording and we hope you enjoy the show! 

It’s all over. Good bye, TNG

Well, that’s it. Here is the review for Star Trek Nemesis. We started this podcast in July of 2011. July 8th, 2011, I believe. I avoided watch Nemesis because I knew it was the end. An ending I didn’t want. I was dreading it. The way a school age kid dreads Labor Day weekend.

I love everything about TNG. That’s right, you heard me. Everything. I know I am not the only one on the pod who feels this way. We are snarky and crude but the love was always there. We loved all of it. From Riker’s beard to the zipper front onesies of the first Season one. The shiny bed sheets to Data’s daughter. It is amazing TV and I am glad the crew and I got the opportunity to share our love of TNG with you.

Thank you all for listening. I hope you continue to listen as we move on to DS9. There are folks that tell me I will like DS9 more than TNG. They say DS9 is a more complete show. That may be the case, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Star Trek The Next Generation…bob…