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DS9: A Man Alone

Okay! DS9 is rolling along. Well, I guess that would be an overstatement considering this is the second episode we have reviewed. Be that as it may, I love this show. My only gripe would be Keiko.

imgresThe writers/producers could have attempted to fix the broken relationship between her and the Trek fans that view her as a major pain in the butt.  But no! Her first appearance on screen she is yelling at O’brien. HA! Sucks for him! Anyway, give the episode a listen and feel free to rate the show on Itunes. Thanks!

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Enter Deep Space Nine!

Today marks an exciting event in the history of the pod! A date that will be remembered by Trek fans from now until the end of linear time! Today is the first release of Deep Space Nine! The pod runs a little long but there was a lot to cover. New characters, races, religions and of course a worm hole. We had a wonderful time recording and we hope you enjoy the show! 

Episode 116: The First Duty

Guess which one of these dudes pulls chicks...

No, this episode isn’t about the first time one poops their pants. Bummer, I know. This one is about Wes at the SFA in SF being a hot shot on Nova Squad and killing some kid. They try some dangerous stunt and one of them dies.

The father of the dead kids takes the news really well…which leads me to believe he might have been in on it. I mean in one scene, the dead kids father basically calls his kids a loser. The dad seemed to be apologizing to Wes and his squad leaders that his son’s mistake was causing the kids greif. “The nerve of my dead kid!!!”

Overall, this might be the best Wesley episode, which isn’t saying too much…Don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes. thanks…bob…

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Dork Trek Episode 114: Outcast

Riker loves It.

This is the perfect episode for Dork Trek. I have so many questions about these shim race of people as you can tell if you’ve listened to more than 45 seconds of the newest pod.

What do their sexy time naughty parts look like? Dennis is/was serious about taking your submissions. Feel free to have a good time.

Also, what is up with the Jordi beard? Why was this the first/last appearance of his facial hair? I happen to like it very much. the beard made Jordi look dangerous and sexy. I bet Riker and the producers told Jordi to shave. “Look, I’m the rugged bearded dude. There can be only one!!”

Enjoy the pod.  Feel free to rate us on iTunes and share the pod with your friends. We great…bob…

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Episode 112: Powerplay

Look into the Light

Hey, I remember this one. Data, Troi and Miles get possessed by some evil spirits that are ex-cons and want to do something or other. This one gets a little hazy at moments for me.

Miles is really mean to his wife when possessed. However, I think he was just looking for an excuse to be a jerk to Keiko. Many Trek fans find her annoying and overbaring, I just think she is acting like every wife ever. It’s nice to see that in the 24th century wives are still a pain in the butt.

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