Our Mission

To watch in order and review every episode of Star Trek starting with The Next Generation in a podcast called Dork Trek.


Episode Ratings

Below are the ratings each crew member has given for the episodes we have reviewed so far. We rate the shows from Warp Factor 1 through 10. Click on the image for an easier-to-read version.


12 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Vanessa Coria

    I love Star Trek — the original, TNG, Voyager & Enterprise.. DS9 not so much:) thanks for the invite to the website…

  2. Rob Mason

    Love the show I listened to the first episode before I watched the show on netflix. It looks like Dork Trek episode 2 is reviewing TNG episodes 5 and 6. I want to be able to watch the episodes that are being reviewed before I listen to the review. So are you going to have a schedule on the website for up coming episodes? What happened to TNG episodes 2, 3 and 4? Love it keep up the hard work it will payoff. (p.s. the volumes where a little low on episode 1 had a hard time hearing on my future phone)

  3. Lt. Commander Frantz Post author

    We are reviewing two episodes of TNG a week on the podcast. Episode 1 of Dork Trek reviewed “Encounter at Farpoint”, which is 2 episodes. Episode 2 of dork trek reviewed the next two (3&4) TNG’s which were “The Naked Now” and “Code of Honor.” Dork Trek 3, out next Saturday will review (5&6) “The Last Outpost and “Where No One Has Gone Before.” Man, that is complex.

  4. Gabrielle

    I often have also had the conversation about how Patrick Stewart looks exactly the same now as he did when he was CAPT Jean Luc Picard.

    Star Trek related questions for you guys.
    1. If you could have any food made by the replicator what would it be?
    2. What would your go to story/place/movie (you get the point) be in the holodeck?

    Great work so far guys!

    1. Lt Cmdr Black-and-Asian

      Hi Gabrielle,
      Thanks for listening! I’m Not sure what Sir Patrick’s secret for eternal middle-aged-ness is, but I hope I learn it in the next 15 years!

      As to your questions, we may answer these in an upcoming podcast so keep tuning in to hear our responses!

  5. Jerry Dunford

    I heard Lt. Commander Tug Johnson and Guinan are just itching to beam down to planet Mycylex 7. Time to resupply.

  6. Shaun (Long Time Listener)

    Lol. You need to update your website. You’re listening to DS9 now, not TNG. I love your pod.


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